Høyanger K5

Høyanger K5 power plant

Høyanger K5 power plant. (Photo: PeltonMan, Wikimedia Commons)

Høyanger K5 is a hydropower plant in Høyanger Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County. These are two power plants in the same mountain hall just next to the center of Høyanger.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 755 GWh
Power: 106 MW

Høyanger K5A utilizes the 597 meter fall from Bergsvatn to Sognefjord.

Bergsvatn is regulated between 597 and 569 meters above sea level. There are also water from Mosdalsvatnet, Fossvatnet and Åsvatnet. In addition, water is collected from a variety of brook intake. The K5A was put into operation in 1965 and then replaced Høyanger 1A from 1918.

Installed power is 90 MW. Annual production is 649 GWh.

Høyanger K5B utilizes the fall of 730 meters from Lower Breiddalsvatnet to the Sognefjord.

Installed power is 16 MW. Annual production is 106 GWh.

The water is also utilized in the local water supply.