Moss District Heating

Moss district heating

(Photo: Statkraft Varme)

Statkraft Varme has a licence to supply district heating in the municipalities of Moss and Rygge in Østfold County.

Ownership: 100%
Production 2016: 31.3 GWh
Power: 36.4 MW

Production primarily comes from a heating plant based on biofuel in Årvollskogen. In addition to Årvollskogen, heat is produced at the food company Lantmännen Ceralia (Mølla) in Moss and at the Mosseporten heating plant.

A new main distribution network has been built to connect the supply from Årvollskogen to Moss city centre, Jeløya and Mosseporten. The district heating network is about 25 kilometres long.

Over 50 buildings are connected to the network, with the hospital as the largest customer. In addition, five schools and several other public buildings are connected, as well as a number of houses.