Stjørdal District Heating

Statkraft Varme operates the district heating plant of Stjørdal Fjernvarme AS, which has a licence to supply district heating in Stjørdal Municipality in Nord-Trøndelag County.

Ownership: 85 %
Production 2016: 23 GWh
Power: 26.6 MW

The facility includes a heating plant in Lillemoen with two biofuel boilers, flue gas condensation and two oil-fired boilers.

The district heating network runs for about 12 kilometres through Stjørdal town centre. Stjørdal Municipality and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence are the largest customers.

Stjørdal Fjernvarme AS is owned 85 per cent by Statkraft Varme AS and 15 per cent by Stjørdal Municipality.