La Oroya

La Oroya hydropower plant is located in the Santa Rosa de Sacco district in the Junin region, at 3,694 metres above sea level.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 63.6 GWh
Power: 9.48 MW

La Oroya is the oldest plant operated by Statkraft Peru, because it turned 100 years of operation in 2014.

La Oroya receives the water from the hydraulic sub-system of the Pachachaca hydropower plant, property of Statkraft Peru. The water used in Pachachaca is discharged into the Yauli river, and then taken in again at the cut-off intake and channeled to the Taza Oroya forebay. Finally, the water is conveyed to the powerhouse through a penstock.

La Oroya is equipped with three generating units.