Pachachaca Hydropower Plant

Pachachaca hydropower plant, operated by Statkraft Peru.

The Pachachaca hydropower plant is located in the Yauli district in the Junin region, at 4,031 metres above sea level.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 49 GWh
Power: 9.65 MW

The water used by the plant comes from the Pomacocha reservoir, which stores water in the flood season and is maintained throughout the year with the runoff from the upper areas such as Huallacocha Alta and the lakes in Huallacocha Baja.

The water is subsequently channeled to the Taza Nueva reservoir. The water from the Taza Vieja reservoir is conveyed via a pipe to the powerhouse, which also receives the water from the other two reservoirs to generate power by means of three generatiing units.