Kungsbacka District Heating

The Hammargård and Borgås district heating facilities are located in Kungsbacka Municipality in Halland County in Sweden.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 120 GWh
Power: 73 MW

Hammargård district heating facility came online in 2003 and consists of a biofuel boiler of 14 MW with a connected flue gas condenser of 3.6 MW as well as two oil boilers of 14 MW each. Hammargård has also a heat pump of 2.8 MW heating and 1.9 MW cooling and three cooling machines of 1.2, 1.2 and 1.8 MW for district cooling.

Borgås combined power and heat plant came online in 2002 and consists of a 30 bar biofuel boiler of 6 MW with connected flue gas condensers of 1.2 MW as well as a 10 bar oil boiler of 6 MW. The generator output is 0.8 MW.

The maximum output requirement in the Kungsbacka district heating grid is about 48 MW in the daytime and the plant normally delivers about 105 GWh annually. The grid expands about 4 GWh annually.