Stamåsen Wind Farm

Stamåsen wind farm is located about 25 kilometres south of Strömsund in the municipalities of Strömsund and Sollefteå in the counties of Jämtland and Västernorrland respectively.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 200 GWh
Installed capacity: 60 MW

The limited capacity of the power grid in the region has resulted in Stamåsen being developed gradually. In the first phase, which was inaugurated in September 2013, 26 wind turbines were commissioned, each with an installed capacity of 2.3 MW.

The total installed capacity is 60 MW. The license provides for 50 wind turbines, and preliminary planning is underway for the remaining part of the development.

The annual production of 200 GWh is equivalent to the consumption of 9,600 electrically heated large detached houses or the regular household electricity consumed by 39,000 houses or 96,000 apartments.

Stamåsen wind farm covers an area of 14.5 square kilometres.