Björkhöjden Wind Farm

Björkhöjden wind farm is located in Sollefteå Municipality in Västernorrland County, and Ragunda Municipality in Jämtland County.

Ownership: 100 %
Production: 794 GWh
Installed capacity: 288 MW
Year of construction: 2015/2016

The wind farm area is located around 20 kilometres southwest of Ramsele and 30 kilometres northwest of Hammarstrand.

The wind farm covers 43 square kilometres and includes 90 wind turbines, each having an installed capacity of 3.2 MW.

The total installed capacity is 270 MW and annual power production is 777 GWh.

The annual production is equivalent to the consumption of 40,000 electrically heated large detached houses or the regular household electricity consumed by 160,000 houses or 400,000 apartments.