Construction of the Kargı hydropower plant

Construction of the Kargı hydropower project started in 2011. (Photo: Statkraft)

Turkey is a key market for Statkraft in hydropower generation and wholesale power trading. Turkey’s electricity market is the fastest growing market in Europe with an estimated annual growth of 6 % until 2020.

Energy demand is expected to almost double by 2020, from 211 TWh in 2010 to 400 TWh due to increased energy consumption per capita and increasing population. Statkraft entered the Turkish market in 2009 through the acquisition of 95 % of Yeşil Enerji and its portfolio of hydro power projects. In 2010 the remaining 5 % was acquired and Yeşil Enerji was renamed Statkraft Enerji.

The 20 MW hydro power project Çakıt was completed in 2010. The construction of the 102 MW Kargı Kızılırmak hydropower project started in 2011 and the plant started commercial operations in May 2015. The two hydropower plants generate around 550 GWh annually.

In 2012, construction of the 517 MW Çetin hydro power project started. The construction work was suspended in December 2015, and in April 2016 the civil contract was terminated. 

Turkey has shown strong progress in privatising and liberalising its power market. All regional power distributors have been privatised, the private share in generation is constantly growing and there are over 100 private companies actively trading in the electricity market. The integration of Turkey into the ENTSO-E synchronous zone enabled companies to trade electricity cross-border with Bulgaria and Greece. Statkraft is one of the leading companies in that business. But the internal Turkish market also offers plenty of business opportunities where Statkraft can utilize 20 years of experience in wholesale power trading and a strong financial background.

Statkraft’s main office in Turkey is located in Istanbul integrated with an  office in the capital Ankara.

You can find more information on Statkraft's Turkish website

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    Cakit is a run-of-the-river plant in the province of Adana in Turkey.

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  • Kargi

    The Kargi hydropower plant is located on the river Kizilirmak in the districts of Osmancik and Kargi in northern Turkey.