United Kingdom

Windmills at the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm

Windmills at the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm. (Photo: Charles Hodge Photography)

Statkraft has been active in the UK since 2003. We develop, own and operate renewable power production facilities and are also involved in the trading and origination of power from our own projects and those of third parties.

Power Generation

Statkraft operates hydropower plants, onshore and offshore wind farms across the UK.

Alltwalis Wind Farm and Rheidol hydropower plant, both in Wales, were our first power production facilities in the UK, followed by Baillie wind farm near Thurso in Scotland, which has been operational since August 2013. The farm consists of 21 turbines and we expect to produce approximately 170GWh of electricity annually.

Also in Scotland, near Inverness, Statkraft has constructed the Berry Burn onshore wind farm, which will be fully operational by the second quarter of 2014. Through a joint venture with Statoil, in 2012 we commissioned the 317MW Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm off the north Norfolk coast. From January 2014 Statkraft became the operator of this project.

Our ambition is to invest further in the UK as we continue to develop a number of onshore and offshore wind projects. This includes working with Statoil to develop the Dudgeon offshore wind project and once in operation, will provide renewable energy to approximately 300,000 homes in the UK. As part of the Forewind consortium, Statkraft’s aim is to develop its part of the Dogger Bank project to what could be the world’s largest offshore wind project with a target installed capacity of 9GW if fully developed.

Operations and maintenance for all majority-owned UK operational assets are provided from the Rheidol hydropower station in Wales. In addition we provide 24/7 control room functions for the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm.

Trading and Origination

We have grown to be a significant UK market participant in trading and origination and are a major provider of Power Purchase Agreements to independent generators of renewable electricity. In the second quarter of 2013, we launched energy services business with sales of renewable electricity and customer support to the industrial and commercial market.

In 2012 we established our International biomass trading desk, based in London. We are using our experience, and our biomass generation assets in Norway, Sweden and Germany, to trade physical biomass in the spot and term market. We provide this trading service to third party electricity generators and biomass producers to give them access to the market through a strong player. Biomass is a core component of the UK’s future energy mix and we expect to see a growing demand for biomass in both renewable power and heat generation. Details of our biomass capability can be seen here: www.statkraftbiomasstrading.com/.

Overall Statkraft has invested significantly in the UK and helped to create highly skilled British jobs both directly and through the supply chain. The UK is our strategic base for offshore wind development in Europe and we are committed to investing further into the UK energy market.

  • Alltwalis Wind Farm

    Alltwalis wind farm is located near Brechfa Forest to the north of the town of Carmarthen in Wales, United Kingdom.

    Wind mills seen from above at Alltwalis Wind Farm Wind power
  • Andershaw Wind Farm

    Andershaw wind farm is located to the south of Glasgow in South Lanarkshire in Scotland, United Kingdom.

  • Baillie Wind Farm

    Baillie wind farm is located to the west of the town of Thurso in the Highlands area of Northern Scotland, United Kingdom.

    Baille Wind Farm in Scottish highlands Wind power
  • Berry Burn Wind Farm

    Berry Burn wind farm is located near the town of Inverness in the Highlands area of Northern Scotland, United Kingdom.

    Berry Burn wind farm Wind power
  • Rheidol

    Rheidol hydropower plant is located near the town of Aberystwyth in the Ceredigion area in Mid-Wales, United Kingdom.

    The Rheidol hydropower plant near Aberystwyth Hydropower
  • Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm

    Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm is located between 17 and 23 kilometres off the coast of North Norfolk in England, United Kingdom.

    Rescue vessel at the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm. Wind power