Energy trading in Bulgaria.

The energy trading in Bulgaria is mainly done through Statkraft Markets GmbH in Germany. (Photo: Sabine Grothues)

Statkraft South East Europe EOOD was established in Bulgaria in May 2006 as the first regional trading office of Statkraft in South East Europe.

Bulgaria operates a complicated market model with a single buyer, NEK, and a parallel, liberalized and semi-competitive market with several IPPs. Market access in Bulgaria is not easy for foreign companies; however, given Bulgaria’s position as a main power exporter in the region Statkraft has established a strong presence in the country at an early stage. The future design of the Bulgarian energy market is a hot topic in the national public debate which is followed with great interest by the EU commission.

Statkraft normally trades in Bulgaria through Statkraft Markets GmbH. The German entity obtained a power supply and trading license in 2008. Already 2 years earlier, the same license had been granted to Statkraft South East Europe EOOD, Statkraft’s Bulgarian entity. Today Statkraft is one of the main players in the Bulgrian wholesale trading market, especially in cross-border trading with Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Greece.

The office is located close to the administrative and business center of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.