People at an office in Romania

Statkraft established activities in Romania the same year the country became an EU member. (Photo: Sabine Grothues)

Statkraft Romania SRL was established in 2007 in order to facilitate Statkraft’s market entry into one of the most important national power markets of Eastern Europe.

Romania’s accession to the EU in 2007 brought with it a strong sense of optimism with regards to further liberalization and development of the Romanian energy market. In May 2007 the Romanian energy regulator ANRE granted Statkraft Romania S.R.L with a power supply and trading license. Only one year later, following the relevant change in the legislation, also Statkraft Markets GmbH applied for and subsequently received a power supply and trading license. Today, Statkraft operates generally through Statkraft Markets GmbH, while Statkraft Romania provides access to OPCOM day-ahead market.

Romania has been operating one of the few day ahead trading platforms of the region, OPCOM, which gave the country a leading role as provider of price signals and balancing opportunity for traders in the region. Statkraft has been promoting the further development of the Romanian market, for example through disposal of the import- and export fees or through opening OPCOM day-ahead market to foreign companies.

Statkraft offers a broad range of trading services to Romanian counterparties, including market access and balancing services to wind farms and other generators.

Statkraft’s office is located close to Piata Romana in Bucharest and not far from the administrative and business center of the Romanian capital.