Powerline in Serbia in a blue sky

Statkraft has energy trading activities in the Balkan region. (Photo: Statkraft)

Statkraft Western Balkans d.o.o. is established in Serbia to support Statkraft’s power trading activities in the region of former Yugoslavia and beyond.

What was once a single energy system has disintegrated through the conflicts of the 1990s into a patchwork of several national systems. Still, the countries in the region rely on each other for the smooth functioning of their power supplies. Wholesale power trading facilitates the regional exchange of surpluses and deficits. In the long-run, the Balkan region just like the whole of South East Europe needs to develop into a fully integrated energy market in order to enhance competition, attract needed investment in generation capacity and networks and enhance security of supply.

Statkraft has established power trading activities in the region and is a reliable and competent partner to state-owned utilities as well as private market participants. We are active in cross-border trading of electricity and trading with standard wholesale products but we also offer tailor-made solutions like off-take agreements for generators, scheduled deliveries or flexible delivery contracts.

Established in March 2007, Statkraft Western Balkans d.o.o. is located on Francuska 17 in the city centre. The office is close to the Trg Republike and in walking distance from the parking houses at Dragoslava Jovanovića (vis a vis the Parliament) and the one on Obilićev Venac.