Solar park “Lange Runde”

Statkraft started the construction of a 14 MWp solar park in the municipality of Emmen in the Netherlands. The was operational at the end of 2017.

Statkraft was awarded the construction and operation rights for the 14 megawatt peak solar park “Lange Runde”. The solar park will consist of 118.200 First Solar series 4 panels with a rated power of 120 W each. Four SMA central inverters of 2.5 MVA will convert the generated DC power to be fed into the local AC power grid. The solar park covers a surface of 17.29 hectares and will be constructed by Belectric GmbH

Construction period

The set-up of the construction site’s infrastructure started at the beginning of August. The installation of the panels will be completed by the end of November. In December the solar park will be tested and commissioned. Operations will start before Christmas.