Facts about hydropower

  • Hydropower has the best CO2 performance, highest energy efficiency rate and longest life span of all power generation technologies.
  • Hydropower with reservoirs provides the required backup energy to sustain other renewables with intermittent service and ensures electricity supply in times when there is no wind or sun.
  • By storing water, hydropower reservoirs reduce our vulnerability to floods and droughts.
  • Hydropower is available in a broad range of project scales and types. Projects can be designed to suit particular needs and specific site conditions.
  • According to the International Hydropower Association (IHA), if 80 percent of the remaining economically feasible potential is developed, the contribution of hydro could be nearly multiplied by three.
  • In Norway alone, the available potential, as estimated by Norwegian authorities, is more than 35 TWh in new projects.
  • Norwegian hydropower is Europe’s renewable battery – close to 50 percent of the reservoir capacity in Europe is located in Norway.