Maps over catchment areas in Norway

Statkraft has more than 3000 technical installations and is present in 95 municipalities in Norway. This includes power plants, reservoirs, intakes, dams, pipelines, tunnels, buildings, thresholds and more.

The overview maps show:

Catchment area borders, power plants, intakes and outlets, dams, reservoirs and waterways.

The maps can be used freely on the condition that the source is presented.


Title Size Type
Adamselv.pdf 10.8MB .PDF
Alta.pdf 12.8MB .PDF
Aura.pdf 13.9MB .PDF
Bardufoss.pdf 16.3MB .PDF
Bjerka.pdf 8.6MB .PDF
Bjolvo.pdf 11.6MB .PDF
Folgefonna.pdf 4.4MB .PDF
Fykanvannet.pdf 6.5MB .PDF
Grytten.pdf 11.9MB .PDF
Hakavik.pdf 11.1MB .PDF
Hoyanger.pdf 11.4MB .PDF
Innset.pdf 11.7MB .PDF
Jostedal.pdf 13.4MB .PDF
Kobbelv.pdf 10.8MB .PDF
Langvatn.pdf 14.7MB .PDF
Leirdola.pdf 12.2MB .PDF
Lower_Nore.pdf 13.3MB .PDF
Mar.pdf 13.5MB .PDF
Naeverdalsaga.pdf 6.1MB .PDF
Nea.pdf 13.3MB .PDF
Nidelva.pdf 16.2MB .PDF
Nore.pdf 15.1MB .PDF
Rana.pdf 14.6MB .PDF
Rossaga.pdf 16.6MB .PDF
Sima.pdf 13MB .PDF
Skjomen.pdf 12.2MB .PDF
Svartisen.pdf 11.4MB .PDF
Svorka.pdf 11.9MB .PDF
Tokke.pdf 20.9MB .PDF
Trollheim.pdf 13.6MB .PDF
Tyssefaldene.pdf 12.8MB .PDF
Ulla_Forre.pdf 18.9MB .PDF
Vikfalli.pdf 12.2MB .PDF