Solar power

Solar power will be an even more important energy source in the future. Statkraft has worked with solar energy since 2010, and today we have a solar power plant in India and another one in the Netherlands, which is to be finished by 2018.

What is solar?

The energy from the sun’s radiations is referred to as solar energy. This energy is received as heat and light and can be converted to various useable forms – the most common being Electricity. Photovoltaic cells  convert the energy from solar radiations into Electricity.

Statkraft expands the technologies for hydro, wind and sun

Today, approximately 26% of the world’s power production comes from renewable energy sources (Bloomberg New Energy Finance). In the future, our society is going to need even more energy, and this will mainly be covered by renewables. Power production is expected to increase with 45% to 75% by 2040. Wind and solar power alone will account for half of this production.     Hydro, wind and solar power complement each other and are perfect partners. New battery technology can store electricity, making solar power even more profitable.

The solar plant in Karnataka, India is a joint venture between Statkraft and Bharat Light & Power. Lange Runde, the new solar plant in Emmen, Netherlands, is fully owned and operated by Statkraft.