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Read more about the new page types for Corporate web.

Start Page

The Start page should only be used once on each site – as the home page.
The Start page includes some custom blocks that are only intended for use on the Start page (such as the Hero block and Grid block).

Standard page (used as a landing page)

The Standard page should always be used for landing pages (level 1 pages from the main menu such as About Statkraft, Careers, What we offer, etc.). The Standard page offers a wide array of blocks that can be used to highlight and link to deeper content on lower levels.

Standard page (used as an info page)

The Standard page can also be used for simpler information pages at any level below landing pages by choosing fewer blocks and using more plain text.

Country map page

Country map pages include information about Statkraft’s activities in that country. Country map pages must always contain Map pages. 

Map page

A Map page can be used for information about our facilities, such as power plants, projects, offices, visitor centers etc. Map pages must be tagged with country and facility type and must have coordinates. Map pages are always sorted by country.

Press page / Article page

Press pages are used for news articles, press releases and stock exchange notices.

Article pages are used for Explained articles, stories and sometimes also for more elaborate news articles.

To press/article page.

Contact page

A page per contact person featured on the site. The page can be linked to directly or you can fetch contact information from the contact page to for instance the Featured contacts block. A contact page can only be created in a Contact container.

Search page

A search results page allows a user to search the site (there should only be one search page per site).

Report page

A page type used for presenting reports, presentations, webcasts etc. sorted by year. This page type is specially made for the Investor Relations page “Reports and presentations”.

Campaign page

A page type for adding custom html, css and javascript.
This page type is for instance used for the “Our history” section on