Press releases 2005

  • Statkraft to build 800 MW gas-fired power plant near Cologne, Germany

    27.06.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 27 June 2005) Statkraft has decided to build and operate a large, modern gas-fired power plant in Knapsack, outside Cologne, Germany. The new plant will give a considerable boost to the Statkraft Group’s own, flexible power production in Continental Europe. The Knapsack facility is the second gas-fired power plant that Statkraft is planning in Germany. It will strengthen the group’s international power trading activities and establish Statkraft as a power producer also outside Scandinavia.

  • New members of the board of Statkraft

    22.06.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    CEO Gunn Wærsted and consultant Olav Fjell were elected to the board of directors of Statkraft SF and Statkraft AS at an ordinary corporate meeting of Statkraft SF. They will be replacing Rebecca Selvik and Erik Nygaard, who are resigning from the board.

  • Hydrogen centre planned for Trondheim

    02.06.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    Plans for a Norwegian hydrogen research and demonstration centre in Trondheim have been drawn up by power generator Statkraft, oil company Statoil and classification society Det Norske Veritas. Representing a powerful alliance with strong specialist teams, these partners aim to develop environment-friendly, profitable and safe solutions for hydrogen production.

  • Statkraft invests in German gas power plant

    27.05.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 27 May 2005) Statkraft and the German energy company Mark-E will build a new and modern gas-fired power plant (CCGT) in Herdecke, Germany. This investment will give Statkraft access to flexible electricity production in continental Europe, which will strengthen the group's power trading activities.

  • First Quarter 2005: High production levels give strong financial results

    11.05.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 11 May 2005) The Statkraft Group's first quarter income was boosted by high levels of electricity production. In addition, revenues from financial power hedging were substantial and financial costs were reduced. The major costs incurred by the associated company Sydkraft following a hurricane in southern Sweden did, however, pull down the group's overall financial result slightly. Statkraft achieved a pre-tax income of NOK 2,472 million (NOK 2,124 million), and a net income of NOK 1,739 million (NOK 1,493 million) in the first quarter 2005.

  • Statkraft signs CDM deal in South Africa

    21.04.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    On 21st April 2005 Statkraft and Corobrik signed a long-term agreement whereby Statkraft will acquire all CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) that will be generated from a fuel switch project at Corobrik’s Lawley brick factory in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. The fuel switch from coal to gas is expected to lead to a reduction of 400,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over a period of 10 year. Parties anticipate that this CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project will be registered before the end of this year.

  • Statkraft in the fourth quarter 2004: Good financial trading and significant capital gains

    17.02.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 17 February 2005) Significant capital gains had a positive effect on the Statkraft Group's fourth-quarter income. The preliminary pre-tax income for the year after adjusting for non-recurring items was NOK 4,039 million (NOK 4,754 million) and the net income was NOK 3,354 million. The improvement in the net income is attributed primarily to the reversal of tax provisions made in earlier years.

  • Statkraft and Mark-E to cooperate on a CCGT-project in Germany

    25.01.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 25 January 2005) Statkraft and the energy company Mark-E have agreed to jointly explore the possibility to build a gas-fired power plant close to Dortmund in Germany.

  • Statkraft establishes new business areas: Focus on increased profitability and environmentally friendly energy

    13.01.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 13 January 2005) - Statkraft's focus is to increase added value and the development of environmentally friendly energy production. To improve ourselves, we have now organised the company into three business areas, says Chief Executive Officer Bård Mikkelsen at Pareto's Energy Conference in Oslo today.

  • New executive vice presidents in Statkraft

    07.01.2005 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 7 January 2005) Statkraft has today appointed two new executive vice presidents. Eli Skrøvset is to be the new executive vice president responsible for finance (CFO), while Stein Dale will be the executive vice president responsible for strategy and M & A. They will take up their appointments by 1 April in connection with the fact that the current CFO, Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, is to take up an equivalent appointment with Norske Skog.