Press releases 2006

  • Statkraft AS - Svartisen power plant to expand

    06.12.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 06 December 2006) Svartisen power plant in Nordland will be installing a new generator. The result will be a near doubling of the plant's output capacity. This will help secure the power supply in the region - as well as in Central Norway.

  • Statkraft - Third Quarter 2006

    09.11.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    Both output and prices were high in the third quarter, as they had been in the first half of the year, and this resulted in substantial power sales revenues. However, financial and tax expenses increased, while the Group's profit shares declined. Overall profit for the quarter was therefore weaker than in the third quarter last year. Profit before tax for the quarter totalled NOK 1,233 million (NOK 1,317 m), while net profit totalled NOK 380 million (NOK 904 m). For the first nine months of the year the Group made a profit before tax of NOK 7,380 million (NOK 5,343 m), while profit after tax totalled NOK 4,575 million (NOK 3,534 m).

  • Statkraft opens Kjøllefjord wind farm and plans to develop more wind power in Finnmark

    10.10.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Kjøllefjord/Oslo, 10 October 2006):Today sees the opening of Kjøllefjord wind farm in Finnmark. Statkraft has also announced plans to build the largest land-based wind farm ever in Norway. If it is built, Nordkyn wind farm will generate enough electricity to supply more than 130,000 Norwegian households - four times as much as that generated by Alta power plant.

  • Statkraft - Second Quarter 2006

    17.08.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 17 August 2006) In the second quarter Statkraft continued to generate high levels of output which, combined with high prices in the market, produced another strong result. Operations have been good and profits in the quarter were also positively affected by lower financial expenses compared with the second quarter last year. Statkraft made a profit before tax of NOK 2,103 million in the second quarter 2006 (NOK 1,554 million), while profit after tax totalled NOK 1,327 million (NOK 891 million). For the first half year as a whole, profit before tax totalled NOK 6,147 million (NOK 4,026 million), while profit after tax came to NOK 4,195 million (2,630 million).

  • Statkraft signs new power contract with Eramet in Sauda and Porsgrunn

    04.07.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    Statkraft Energi AS and Eramet Norway AS have today entered into a long-term agreement to supply electrical power from 2011 up until 2020. The amount of electrical power supplied, approximately 9 TWh over the entire contract period, will cover the lion’s share of consumption at Eramet’s smelting plants in Sauda and Porsgrunn. At the same time, Eramet is terminating its statutory power agreements in Porsgrunn and in Sauda, focusing instead on a commercial solution in collaboration with Statkraft.

  • Topping-out ceremony held at Statkraft's gas-fired power plant outside Cologne, Germany

    30.06.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 30 June 2006) Statkraft yesterday celebrated a topping-out ceremony together with 450 construction workers at the gas-fired power plant in Knapsack near Cologne.Nine months after the laying down of the foundation stone, the power plant buildings have been completed and are now ready for the installation of the large gas and steam turbines.The cutting-edge plant with a generating capacity of 800 MW will give the Statkraft Groupaccess to its own, flexible power production in Continental Europe.

  • Statkraft and Elektroprivreda Srbije sign Protocol of Cooperation

    12.06.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 12 June 2006)Statkraft and the Serbian electricity utility Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) have signed a protocol of cooperation to evaluate joint opportunities in Serbia in the area of hydropower generation and trading in the energy market.

  • Statkraft - First Quarter 2006

    11.05.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 11 May 2006) High production levels and good power prices in the market resulted in sound profits for Statkraft in the first quarter which represented a significant improvement on the first quarter 2005. Furthermore, net financial expenses were reduced, and profit contributions from associated companies increased.Statkraft made a profit before tax of NOK 4,044 million (NOK 2,472 million) and a net profit of NOK 2,868 (NOK 1,739 million). "Hydropower production in the Nordic region was higher in the first quarter this year than in any equivalent quarter previously. Prices were very high over the quarter, and Statkraft maintained high production levels. This, together with good resource optimisation and smooth operations, resulted in sound earnings over the quarter," says President and CEO Bård Mikkelsen.

  • Statkraft and Elektroprivreda Crne Gore to cooperate within business development in the Montenegrin hydropower industry

    28.03.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    (Oslo, 28 March 2006) Statkraft and the Montenegrin Company Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) signed a memorandum of understanding on March 24th with respect to further cooperation in the Montenegrin hydropower sector. The agreement, signed by Bård Mikkelsen, CEO and President of Statkraft and Srdjan Kovacevic, CEO of EPCG, confirms the parties' intention to identify joint opportunities for cooperation in the area of hydropower generation in Montenegro.

  • Fourth Quarter and Preliminary Results: 2005 - a record year

    16.02.2006 08.00 pressrelease

    Profits for the Statkraft Group continued to rise in the fourth quarter as a result of high production levels. Revenues from financial power trading were considerable, financial expenses were reduced and a one-off compensation for the termination of a sales agreement for green certificates was taken to income. Statkraft made a profit before tax of NOK 3,106 million (NOK 1,793 million) and a net profit of NOK 2,085 million (NOK 2,054 million) in the fourth quarter. For 2005 as a whole, the group made a profit of NOK 8,449 million before tax (NOK 4,630 million) and a net profit of NOK 5,620 million (NOK 4,415 million).