Statkraft AS - Svartisen power plant to expand

06.12.2006 08.00 | pressrelease

(Oslo, 06 December 2006) Svartisen power plant in Nordland will be installing a new generator. The result will be a near doubling of the plant's output capacity. This will help secure the power supply in the region - as well as in Central Norway.

- This decision is based on assessments made with regard to price and the demand for flexible power generation in the years to come. The installation of a new generator will render us less vulnerable while also serving to improve the security of supply throughout the entire region, including Central Norway, says Jørgen Kildahl, Executive Vice President at Statkraft.

Svartisen Power Plant has experienced shutdowns this past year. The generator was exposed to extreme loads and damage as the result of frequent short-circuiting in the central network during a hurricane in January of this year. The damages led to an initial shutdown in August, and after subsequently being put back into operation the plant was shut down again on 24 October. The cause of both shutdowns was a severe development of heat in the stator, which is a key component of the generator. The power plant is currently out of operation and will likely retain this status for about four more months.

Svartisen Power Plant began operations in 1993 with one 350 MW generator. At this same time, tunnel roads and technical changes were made to the relevant structures in order to be prepared for an additional generator.

The average annual production of the plant is 2.2 TWh, which is comparable to the annual consumption of around 110,000 households, whereas the capacity of the Storglomvatn reservoir is 3.5 billion m3 which is equivalent to 4.9 TWh. The power plant is owned by Statkraft with 70 % ownership and Nordland County with 30 % ownership.

Completion in 2009?

Once installed the new generator will have a power output capacity of 250 MW, and will thus be somewhat smaller than the generator that is currently in place. The new generator's power output will be comparable to the annual consumption of around 75 000 households.

- Of course, the required permits and concessions must be obtained, but these requirements were sorted out when Svartisen power plant was originally built. We further wish to obtain a clarification from Statnett with regard to line capacity and the improved supply in a hydrological dry year which the generator can entail, says Kildahl who estimates that the new generator can be operational during the course of 2009.

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