Statkraft opens Kjøllefjord wind farm and plans to develop more wind power in Finnmark

10.10.2006 08.00 | pressrelease

(Kjøllefjord/Oslo, 10 October 2006):Today sees the opening of Kjøllefjord wind farm in Finnmark. Statkraft has also announced plans to build the largest land-based wind farm ever in Norway. If it is built, Nordkyn wind farm will generate enough electricity to supply more than 130,000 Norwegian households - four times as much as that generated by Alta power plant.

"The potential for wind power is enormous. Norway has some of the best wind resources in Europe, particularly in Finnmark. Projects such as Kjøllefjord and Nordkyn wind farms can help establish Norway as a leading developer of renewable energy," says Statkraft's CEO Bård Mikkelsen.

The plan is to build Nordkyn wind farm in the municipalities of Lebesby and Gamvik in Finnmark. The facility's technical potential is a total installed output of up to 750 MW and an average annual output of 2.6 TWh. An evaluation report for the wind farm was today submitted to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.

The construction of Nordkyn wind farm is conditional on several matters: local support, an improved north-south connection with the national grid, and financial framework conditions that guarantee profitability.

Kjøllefjord wind farm opens today

Kjøllefjord wind farm, which is opened today by former Minister of Trade and Industry Odd Eriksen, is located on Mount Gartefjell, south of Kjøllefjord in Lebesby, which offers advantageous wind conditions and is a good distance from residential areas. Great care has been taken with respect to the environment when designing and choosing the location of the wind farm. Local support for the wind farm has been good.

The facility has a total installed output of 39.1 MW and consists of 17 wind turbines. Annual output will be approx. 150 GWh, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of some 7,500 Norwegian households. Development costs are a little over NOK 400 million, and the project has received NOK 83 million in financial support from Enova.

"The opening of Kjøllefjord wind farm is the result of Statkraft's wide-ranging, heavy commitment to finding new, environment-friendly energy solutions," says Bård Mikkelsen. Kjøllefjord wind farm will make a positive contribution to our efforts to become a European leader in environment-friendly energy. Wind power is renewable energy, and wind power production does not result in emissions to soil, water or air."

More wind farms

Kjøllefjord wind farm is Statkraft's fourth large-scale wind power project. The first was Phase 1 of the Smøla wind farm (40 MW), opened in autumn 2002, followed by the Hitra wind farm (55 MW), which opened in October 2004, while Phase 2 of Smøla (+110 MW) was opened last autumn. With the Kjøllefjord plant in operation, Statkraft's wind farms will have a total output of approx. 750 GWh (244.1 MW), which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of some 37,500 households. Statkraft is thus well on its way to achieving its goal of producing 2 TWh of wind power annually by 2010, which will meet the electricity demands of approx. 100,000 households. Investments in the three wind farms amount to around NOK 2.1 billion.

Statkraft is Europe's second largest company within renewable energy. We produce hydropower and wind power, we build gas-fired power plants and we focus on innovation with a clear ambition to deliver the energy solutions for the future. We are a considerable actor on the European Power Exchanges, with special expertise within physical and financial power trading. In Norway, we supply electricity to approximately 500,000 customers through our ownership interests in other companies. We had gross revenues of around NOK 15 billion and total assets of around NOK 90 billion in 2005. More than 2000 employees in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain create value every day. Together we strive to be a European leader in environment-friendly energy.