New look for the Statkraft Group

30.03.2007 08.00 | pressrelease

As of today the companies in the Statkraft Group have a new look and a joint visual profile. The modernisation marks the beginning of a process of closer collaboration between Statkraft and the Group companies Trondheim Energi and Skagerak Energi. This will strengthen the Group’s vision of being a European leader within environment-friendly energy.

The Statkraft Group covers the entire value chain, from the innovation and development of new energy, through power and heat production, distribution grid operations, trading on the major power exchanges, sales to industrial, corporate and private customers to trading in environmental products such as carbon quotas, green certificates and certified renewable energy.

The majority of the Statkraft Group’s customer-based activities are performed by the subsidiaries Trondheim Energi and Skagerak Energi. A uniform corporate identity will help Statkraft focus on the Group’s 600,000 electricity, grid and district heating customers. Trondheim Energiverk is also changing its name to Trondheim Energi today.

“A joint visual profile will bind the three companies’ activities together more closely. It will raise our outward visibility and external profile and support the development of a strong common corporate culture. We are proud to project the image of a modern group that is also ready to deliver the energy solutions of the future,” remarked President and CEO Bård Mikkelsen.

European position

The new look will be donned by 2,000 employees, 158 hydropower plants in Norway, Sweden and Finland, 3 wind farms in Norway, 1 gas power plant under construction in Germany as well as offices in 8 European countries. A total of 750 vehicles and 2000 signboards will be given a new appearance.

“The Statkraft Group has taken responsibility for the natural resources we manage for more than a century, and this is a legacy we will take with us in our industrial initiatives in Norway and the rest of Europe. We are an environment-friendly ground-breaker in the European power market, and are also helping to meet climate challenges on a commercial footing. Our visual profile will support this position. The Statkraft Group’s main focus is environment-friendly energy production, and we will be one of the first players to start using new, renewable energy sources,” commented Mikkelsen.

Increased visibility

During the spring, the Statkraft Group will also step up its initiatives to raise awareness levels of the Group among the general public, primarily by means of an information and marketing campaign. “Statkraft is a company that many people have heard of, but a company that few people know well. Despite this, we are Europe’s second largest producer of renewable energy. This is something we intend to leverage, not least in relation to the Group’s
600,000 customers,” remarked Mikkelsen.

Statkraft is a leading player in Europe within renewable energy. The company produces hydropower, wind power and district heating, and builds gas power plants while focusing on innovation with a clear ambition to deliver the energy solutions of the future. Statkraft is a major player on Europe’s power exchanges. In Norway the company supplies electricity and heat to around 600,000 customers through its shareholdings in other companies. In 2006 Statkraft recorded gross revenues of more than NOK 16 billion and a profit after tax of NOK 6.3 billion and employed more than 2000 staff in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Serbia. The world needs pure energy. Statkraft works to deliver this every day.