SCA and Statkraft collaborate on major renewable energy initiative

14.09.2007 08.00 | pressrelease

SCA and Statkraft are setting up a joint company in order to focus on renewable energy in Sweden. The plans include the development of seven wind farms in Västernorrland and Jämtland in Sweden. Assuming the farms are built, they will be able to produce around 2.8 TWh of renewable energy per year. This will entail an investment of approximately NOK 14 billion. The plans also include potential hydropower projects in Sweden.

Statkraft and SCA have also signed a long-term industrial power agreement today (see separate press release), as well as a major collaboration agreement to develop hydropower and wind power resources in Sweden.

Wind power

”We have identified the best areas for wind power within our 2.5 million hectare forestry property in North Sweden,” says Kenneth Eriksson, President of SCA Forest Products.

“In collaboration with Statkraft, we have found seven areas in Jämtland and Västernorrland with very good conditions. In contrast to many mountain and coastal areas, these locations are not subject to any degree of conflict in relation to other interests. Wind conditions are good and the distance to the national grid is short, which limits the loss of transmission.”

”Statkraft’s target is to increase the production of renewable energy. The agreement with SCA is therefore a large step in the right direction, and fully in line with our strategy,” says Statkraft Executive Vice President Jørgen Kildahl.

“Europe has set ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the coming years. The collaboration with SCA, combined with our expertise and position, will result in a more environment-friendly power production. It is natural for us to grow in our surrounding area, both as a supplier and producer.

Seven areas have been identified in which SCA and Statkraft wish to build wind farms. The next round will see the projects being planned and explored with regard to environmental consequences.


SCA and Statkraft will also examine the conditions for establishing hydropower in four river systems where SCA has waterfall rights. This applies to Ammerån in Jämtland, Röån, a tributary to Ångermanälven, Edsoxforsen in Hårkan and Byske älv.

“In practice, hydropower development has been at a standstill for the past 25 years. We have respect for the major environmental values in untouched river systems, but we believe that it should be possible to examine the possibilities for environment-friendly development. With modern technology and expertise, it should be possible to balance environmental values and finance. Swedish industry needs more power, and the world needs energy production that does not increase harmful emissions to the environment. We now have on board a company that is the second largest supplier of hydropower in Europe and has more than 100 years of experience in planning, building and operating hydropower plants. A better alliance than Statkraft is hard to imagine,” continues Kenneth Eriksson.

”We will involve all affected parties in the effort to explore the possibilities. Not least, we will involve affected local authorities and other local stakeholders in considering how any development can best benefit the local community.”

”Finally, it is up to political authorities to decide whether new hydropower can play a role in Sweden’s future energy supplies,” says Kenneth Eriksson in SCA Forest Products. 

Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA is a global consumer goods and paper company that develops, produces and markets personal care products, tissue, packaging solutions, publication papers and solid-wood products. SCA has annual sales in excess of SEK 101 billion (c. EUR 11 billion). SCA had approximately 51,000 employees at the beginning of 2007. SCA’s Swedish industrial operations consume almost 3 TWh of electricity per year. The largest single consumer is the Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall which produces paper for newspapers and magazines and uses 1.8 TWh per year. Further information at

The Statkraft Group is a leading player in Europe within renewable energy. The Group generates hydropower, wind power and district heating and constructs gas power plants in Norway and Germany. Statkraft is a major player on the European energy exchanges. In Norway the company supplies electricity and heat to around 600,000 customers through its shareholdings in other companies. In 2006 Statkraft recorded a profit after tax of NOK 6.3 billion, and employed more than 2,100 employees in nine countries. The world needs pure energy. Statkraft works to deliver this every day.