Trondheim Energi's new district heating plant officially opened

28.09.2007 08.00 | pressrelease

On Thursday 27 September the new Heimdal heating centre and the new district heating pipeline from Heimdal to Midtbyen were officially opened by the mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik. The new incineration plant has an annual capacity of up to 120,000 tonnes and associated heat production of 40 MW.

Residual waste is supplied to the plant from Dovre in the South to Saltfjellet in the North.

Trondheim Energi Fjernvarme has established an extensive district heating supply in Trondheim over the course of the last 25 years. District heating currently caters for 30 percent of the city's heating requirements – a higher percentage than in any other city in Norway.

A total of 10 production centres and 150 km of district heating networks have been constructed. Around 6,000 residential customers and 500 business customers have been connected. This provides a total district heating supply of 500 GWh, which corresponds to around 30 percent of Trondheim’s heating requirements. Trondheim Energi also operates a smaller district heating plant in Klæbu.

"Trondheim local authority and Trondheim Energi have enjoyed a successful collaboration in the 25 years that have passed since the start of the district heating business in Trondheim. I am proud to be able to call Trondheim Norway's district heating capital. Trondheim local authority wishes to stimulate further use of district heating and connect further areas in Trondheim to the district heating network," remarked mayor of Trondheim Rita Ottervik on opening the new heating centre.