Increased production in the Høyanger river system

19.12.2008 08.00 | pressrelease

Statkraft Energi AS today received a permit to build Eiriksdal power plant in Høyanger municipality in the regulated and developed Høyanger river system in Sogn og Fjordane County.

“The additional development will provide access to new production and be an important contribution to the Government’s drive for more renewable energy. This development is also a good example of the opportunities to increase production in already developed areas,” says Minster of Petroleum and Energy Terje Riis-Johansen.

The water flow in the Dale river will be increased throughout the year, which is positive for the salmon and sea trout stocks. A precipitation catchment area of about 72 km2 will be returned to the rivers. The existing power lines in the Dalsdalen valley will be removed and the K2 and K3 power plants in the Høyanger river system will be shut down and demolished.

The development will also generate a significant number of jobs in the local community, as the development period will last several years and impact local business positively.

Eiriksdal power plant will generate about 100 GWh annually, equaling the annual consumption of about 5000 households. Total production in the Høyanger river system will, when this additional development is completed, be about 1000 GWh annually.