Statkraft celebrates 10 years in Continental Europe by launching international CO2 compensation platform

06.11.2008 08.00 | pressrelease

Amsterdam, 6th of November 2008 – Statkraft, which will become the largest European producer of renewable energy at the end of the year, celebrated its first 10 years in Continental Europe by launching an international platform allowing individuals and companies to become carbon neutral.

Statkraft launched its international internet platform “MyCO2.NO” during a business seminar in Amsterdam yesterday. The seminar was organised by Statkraft as part of the celebrations of the 10-year anniversary of Statkraft’s presence in Continental Europe.

The international internet platform “MyCO2.NO” allows individuals and companies to neutralize their CO2 emissions by buying certified emission reduction credits generated by projects in developing countries (CERs). The platform has been developed in Norway and is available in English, Dutch and German from yesterday.

 “We will also offer our platform to partners for use in their own green product portfolio which will contribute to CO2 emission reductions”, says Torsten Amelung, Managing Director of Statkraft Markets. “Given our presence in The Netherlands and Germany we will invite partners to jointly foster the idea of compensation based on UN approved CO2-certificates.”

Further growth under way

Statkraft established its first trading office in Continental Europe ten years ago, and its first energy production in Germany one year ago. Next year Statkraft will become the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe following an asset swap with E.ON AG. The two companies will swap Statkraft's shareholdings in E.ON Sverige AB against one third of E.ON Sverige's hydropower plants, shares in E.ON AG and plants for flexible production of gas power, hydropower and district heating. The assets included in the swap produce 7-8 TWh annually.

“The E.ON swap is a result of our strategy and objective to become a leader in environment-friendly energy in Europe. The power plants we take over strengthen our position as a leader in environment-friendly energy in Europe and will become a solid platform for further growth”, says Bård Mikkelsen, President and CEO of Statkraft.

Statkraft is a European leader in renewable energy. The Group develops and generates hydropower, wind power, gas power, solar power and district heating, and is a major player on the European energy exchanges. In Norway the company supplies electricity and heat to around 600,000 customers through its shareholdings in other companies. In 2007 Statkraft posted a profit after tax of EUR 827 million and employed more than 2,300 employees in ten countries. The world needs pure energy. This is what Statkraft delivers every day.