Renewable energy knocks out fossil energy

03.06.2009 08.00 | pressrelease

Renewable forms of energy, such as hydro and wind power, is far more popular with Norwegians than fossil energy production, even with CO2 handling, according to the TNS Gallup Climate Barometer.

Renewable energy is the clear winner in the brand new survey which asked Norwegians what their impression of 14 energy sources, eight renewable and six fossil, was.

The eight renewable energy sources top the list. Natural gas power with CO2 handling enters the list at the No. nine spot, placed well behind the least popular renewable energy source, bio energy.

“Fossil energy sources systematically scores lower than renewable energy, even if the CO2 is handled. The picture is very clear,” concludes Daniel Rees, project manager for TNS Gallup’s Climate Barometer

On average, the renewable energy sources score 79 out of 100 points, while coal and gas with CO2 handling only scores 48 points. Nuclear energy scores 34 points, while coal and gas without CO2 handling only receives 23 points. And hydro power is most definitely the most popular, with 87 out of 100 points.

“These figures emphasise the superior qualities of hydro power as a future oriented and environmentally friendly energy source, which can be developed further,” says Statkraft CEO Bård Mikkelsen.

The renewable energy sources also top the list over which energy sources Norwegians believe will be a key part of Norway’s future energy supply, and renewable energy sources totally dominate the list over “which energy sources I can accept in my community”.

“This is a knock-out by renewable energy, pure and simple. There is no doubt which energy form Norwegians prefer for us to focus on,” says Steinar Bysveen, managing director of the Norwegian Electricity Industry Association (EBL).

Six out of ten Norwegians are willing to pay at least NOK 500 annually for green certificates, if the money is spent developing more renewable energy.

“Statkraft has, for a long time, advocated a Norwegian-Swedish green certificates market, to ensure that more renewable energy is being developed at the lowest possible cost. The survey shows that people are prepared to contribute, in the same way we are ready to invest in new, renewable energy,” says Statkraft CEO Bård Mikkelsen.