Smøla wind farm reopen to the general public

04.11.2011 08.00 | pressrelease

Smøla wind farm

Smøla wind farm

As of Friday Smøla wind farm will again be open to the general public. For safety reasons, the wind farm was temporarily closed on 11 October when a fracture was discovered in one of the towers. The risk of a breakdown has been averted and it is now safe to access the wind farm.

Three weeks ago a fracture was discovered in the tower of a wind turbine in the oldest part of the wind farm. The damage was serious enough to warrant repairs to the tower to prevent a breakdown. As a routine precaution, the entire wind farm was closed to the general public and the 20 wind turbines from construction stage 1 were taken out of production.

Statkraft has discovered similar damage to several towers in this part of the facility. The towers must be repaired, but it is too early to say how. Statkraft is working to establish the causes of the damage. However, this is expected to take some time.

The other 48 wind turbines from construction stage 2 are operating as normal. Construction stage 1 was completed in September 2002, while construction stage 2 came online in 2005.