New power - ancient history

26 Nov, 2009

Today tranquil fishing waters surround the Laholm power plant. In the past, the area saw far more dramatic events.

During the 1200s, Swedes and Danes fought several bloody battles over whose banner would wave from Lagaholm Castle. Today, Statkraft’s Laholm power plant can be found right next to the ruins of the castle. And the power plant looks very majestic indeed, particularly the grand entryway which was constructed in the neo-classical style of the 1930s

Visitors’ centre

The power plants along the Nissan and Lagen rivers generate more than 700 GWh in an average year. The oldest power plant was built in 1909, while the most recent was completed in 1989.

Following renovation, the visitors’ centre at Laholm power plant has been reopened, and the public can see with their own eyes how the power plant works. In this photo essay you can also enjoy beautiful buildings in a magnificent landscape!