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Statkraft enters Gross bidding agreement with Nordpool causing higher spot volumes

26 Nov, 2012

Today, Statkraft entered a gross bidding agreement with Nord Pool Spot causing higher turnover volumes in all NO price areas.

"Instead of sending one net bid, our sales and buy volumes are now nominated separately", spokesman Knut Fjerdingstad says. "Statkraft sees this as a measure to support the transparency and robustness in the Nord Pool Spot Market".

"Nord Pool Spot is pleased to see Statkraft signing a gross bidding agreement. We see Statkraft’s gross bidding commitment as strong positive recognition of our work in providing liquid, secure and transparent power markets in the Nordic and Baltic regions as well as in the UK. It is important to us to continue to attract the full range of Nordic electricity generators and suppliers, to ensure a robust and transparent market”, says CEO of Nord Pool Spot, Mikael Lundin.

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