Statkraft sponsors Munch at Tate Modern

26 Nov, 2013

From 28 June to 14 October the successful exhibition Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye will be presented at Tate Modern in London, and Statkraft will be a major sponsor.

Statkraft was also sponsor of the "The modern eye" at the Pompidou center in Paris last year.

“The great works of Edvard Munch are a national treasure that we must take good care of, nurture and keep alive”, says Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Bente E. Engesland. More than 500 000 people visited the Munch exhibition at the Pompidou, a record high for the art center in Paris.

As in France, the exhibition at Tate Modern in London will be used as an arena to interact with important stakeholders.

“The UK market is increasingly important for Statkraft, and as with all of our sponsorships, we make sure they are closely aligned with our business needs. The opening of the Sheringham Shoal wind farm will take place over the same period that the Munch exhibition is running. Also, the Tate Modern is an extremely interesting partner for us as one of Europe’s most important venues for modern art,” says Bente E. Engesland.

The Group’s cultural activities in the European business areas are a part of a more comprehensive program of sponsorship initiatives. Statkraft is now also introduces a partnership with the Norwegian National Museum and the Munch Museum to be one of the main sponsors of the 150th anniversary of Edvard Munch in 2013.

The official opening of the anniversary is 23 January. The great exhibition taking place at the National Gallery and the Munch Museum will open at June 1 next year and lasts until the beginning of October.

“The large Munch exhibition in 2013 is of both national and international importance,” says Engesland.

For more information about the Munch exhibition in London, see: Tate Modern, Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye