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Drive electric across Norway

26 Nov, 2013

This fall electric cars will be able to drive across the mountain plateau that separates Norway's two largest cities. A new fast-charging station in Eidfjord is the "missing link" that connects Eastern Norway with Western Norway.

The fast-charging station has now secured financing and will be completed within 2013. This will enable electric vehicle owners to drive from Bergen to Oslo. The station will be built in a joint effort between Hordaland County, Eidfjord Municipality, Hardanger Energi and Statkraft.

- This is the charging station powering electric cars to climb up Måbødalen and to cross the Hardanger Plateau. Driving westward, this station provides power for the last stretch to Voss. In addition to connecting east and west, we are also pleased that the station contributes to making the local road network in Hordaland well-suited for electric cars, says plant manager Vidar Riber at the Sima hydropower plant.

Fast-charging stations are already set up along the E16 road in Bergen, Dale and Voss in Western Norway. In Eastern Norway, stations are installed along the RV7 road in Geilo, Gol and Flå. This fall, fast-charging stations in Eidfjord and Hønefoss will also be opened.

Fast recharging provides as much power in five minutes as an hour with normal charging. With rapid charge in about 15 minutes for every hour's drive, you are able to drive electric cars for long distances, almost like regular cars.

Construction work for the new fast-charging station in Eidfjord starts as soon as the tourist season ends.