Sweden focuses on wind

26 Nov, 2013

Four of a total of seven planned wind farms in Central Sweden are now under construction. Combined, Statkraft’s four wind farms will be able to meet one per cent of Sweden’s total energy consumption.

When the four wind farms are completed, they will have a total of 186 wind turbines with a combined installed capacity of about 500 MW. Statkraft SCA Vind AB (SSVAB) is responsible for the development

Stamåsen wind farm is already in operation, and the official opening is in September.

Facts: Windfarms in Central Sweden

  • Statkraft SCA Vind AB is planning the construction of seven wind farms in Central Sweden. Three of these are currently being constructed: Mörtjärnberget, Ögonfägnaden and Björkhöjden. One is in operation; Stamåsen.
  • SSVAB is owned 60 per cent by Statkraft and 40 per cent by SCA.
  • A total of 186 turbines with a combined installed capacity of 500 MW are being constructed in the four wind farms.
  • Together, these turbines can produce 1.5 TWh annually or about one per cent of the total Swedish consumption.
  • If all seven wind farms are realised, wind power production could double to 3 TWh. In comparison, the total Swedish wind power production at the end of 2011 was 6.1 TWh.

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