"A force of change"

02 Jul, 2015

Statkraft is a company for the future with its strong commitment in renewable energy, writes Bente E. Engesland, head of Corporate Communication in Statkraft, in this editorial article.

“The times they are a-changin” sang Bob Dylan in 1964 about turbulences in the world politics in the 60’s. The lyrics are ever more relevant today. The transformation in the energy markets is one of the biggest ‘game changers’ of our time, having a major impact on businesses and politics around the world.

Tesla founder Elon Musk recently ran a major campaign to launch the “Powerwall”. He claims that Tesla has found the missing piece in the household energy puzzle: A battery for home use, large enough to provide the home with energy when the sun isn’t shining. Small enough to hang on the wall. Cheap enough to appeal to a mass market.

In 2013, for the first time more renewable energy was built than fossil fuel energy, on a global basis. Predictions are that by 2025, growth in renewable energy will be four times higher than in fossil fuels. New players like Google and Apple are already into renewable energy in a big way. Many car manufacturers have woken up to the green shift and are implementing major restructuring programs. As consumers, we now have a wider range of choice of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Statkraft’s strategists and analysts have a much sharper focus at present, concentrating on both our advantages and challenges. Competence, Competitiveness and Capital are the key words we take with us as we move forward. Statkraft has a solid position and extensive future opportunities if we are able to combine a long-term and systematic focus with the ability to be flexible and to embrace innovation – in hydro, wind and solar. We have, so far, managed to compete and manoeuvre in an increasingly demanding market.

This year Statkraft is celebrating 120 years of history in renewable energy. CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen is convinced that the company will continue to succeed, even in a much more demanding market with falling electricity prices and growing competition.

We do not just have a strong and proud history, we are also a company for the future.

Bente E. Engesland
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Statkraft