Eight new trainees in Statkraft

08 Sep, 2015

A group of engineering, economics and social science graduates started their career in Statkraft this week.

Statkraft is a popular employer among students worldwide. For this year’s trainee program Statkraft received more than 1500 applications.

“In my class at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Statkraft is the dream employer. I have been studying environmental physics and renewable energy, and Statkraft is really popular among students in this class,” explains Lotte Løland, who will be working in the Technology Analysis unit (IVT) at Lilleaker.

“Statkraft was unknown to me, but I have been interested in renewable energy for a long time. I am from Edmonton, Canada and completed four different internships during my studies at university. Now I’m really looking forward to working at Statkraft,” says Roberta Hunt.

“We are really proud that our trainee programme attracts so many competent people, and we see that new trainees appreciate our company values and focus on sustainability,” says Employer Branding Manager Eirik Haslestad. Statkraft’s International Trainee Programme is a two-year program with four different work rotations, of which at least one will be abroad. The trainees are recruited by a specific department, where they will continue in a new position upon completion of the programme.

“The trainee programme gives candidates a thorough introduction to the organisation, operations and strategy. They are given a permanent position as a trainee in one of Statkraft’s business or staff areas, and a tailor-made rotation programme with a dedicated manager to ensure their learning and development,” says Haslestad.