Record production at Sheringham Shoal

19 Jan, 2016

Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm produced more than 170 GWh in December last year. This is a monthly generation record for the wind farm.

Sheringham Shoal's December 2015 production of more than 170 GWh was well above the budget of 122 GWh. Cumulative production amounted to 1,165 GWh for the whole year. Both the production for December and for 2015 in total represented record periods of generation since commissioning.

Bjørn Mo Østgren, Asset Manager In Offshore Wind (WO) and General Manager of the JV company Scira Offshore Energy Ltd comments: "This is definitely good news. The team at Sheringham Shoal has demonstrated excellent performance through 2015 on HSE, availability and cost control. The total production based availability for 2015 was 97.9%, well above the stretched target at 96,5%. In the same period the operations costs has been controlled below budget."

More UK wind records

December was a monthly record in the UK, with wind suppling 17% of Britain's electricity demand. The previous monthly record of 14% was set in January 2015.

A record 11% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind in 2015 up from 9.5% in 2014, according to statistics from National Grid.