Nordic CEOs call on EU to make markets work in the Clean Energy Package

23 May, 2017

In a joint declaration, the CEOs of Fortum, Statkraft and Vattenfall encourage the European Commission to safeguard the elements of the Clean Energy Package that support well-functioning power markets.

In the declaration, the three Nordic utilities also propose concrete adjustments to the legislative proposal, aimed at enforcing the path towards a decarbonised Europe driven by market based instruments, a level-playing field and coherent governance.

Fortum, Vattenfall and Statkraft believe that well-functioning power and carbon markets, together with increased electrification, are key enablers for driving the decarbonisation of the European economy in a cost-efficient manner.

The three Nordic utilities have previously provided their shared views on, and recommendations for, a structurally reformed European carbon market (EU ETS) for the next trading period. This joint follow-up initiative illustrates their shared perspectives on the core elements of market design.  The Nordic integrated power market provides a good example of the benefits to society of well-functioning power markets.