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A floating solar PV unit
Ocean Sun

An example of a floating solar PV unit from Ocean Sun

Statkraft selects Norwegian Ocean Sun to supply floating solar plant in Albania

12 Mar, 2019

Statkraft Albania has entered into an agreement with Norwegian floating solar technology developer Ocean Sun AS for the delivery of a floating solar plant with a maximum capacity of 2 MW at the Banja reservoir in Albania.

The solar park will consist of 4 floating units of 0.5 MW each, with a total investment cost of EUR 2.3 million.

The contract is the first major commercial contract for Ocean Sun’s floating solar technology and the project will demonstrate the viability of the technology developed based on competence from Norwegian solar PV and maritime industry.

“Testing new technology for floating solar power panels fits very well with Statkraft’s strategy to grow our renewable energy generation from hydro, wind and solar. If the technology is proven successful and the potential for cost-competitiveness can be achieved, a wider application of floating solar may take place in other Statkraft locations”, says Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO of Statkraft.

In December 2018, Statkraft Albania received a preliminary authorization from the Government of Albania for the implementation of a floating solar plant at Banja with a feed-in-tariff. Subject to final regulatory approvals, the solar plant will be constructed during 2019/2020.

About Ocean Sun
Ocean Sun started in 2016 to develop and commercialise an invention for floating solar power. The method of installation of solar panels onto floating membranes enable low cost and high performance by direct conductive cooling to water. The system has good seaworthiness and can withstand strong winds. Ocean Sun was founded by Børge Bjørneklett, Øyvind Rohn and Arnt Emil Ingulstad. The company has received grants from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

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