Statkraft facilitates for Google

09 Aug, 2019

Statkraft has partnered with Google in a facilitator role locally in Skien Norway, where Google has acquired a 195 hectare property. At present Google have bought the site with no current plans to build a data centre.

Statkraft will partner with Google to develop the basic infrastructure of the purchased site. 

“Statkraft is working to attract large data centres to Norway through our Data Centre Project, and we are very pleased that Google has decided to acquire our project. The data centre industry is one of the the world's fastest growing power intensive industry and it is a natural focus area for us,” says CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen.

Statkraft acts as a facilitator for the data centre industry by developing sites prepared for data centre construction.

Statkraft works closely with Google on this project, and the company's role is to further develop and prepare the property by building the necessary infrastructure. Statkraft has extensive experience in this type of work managing approximately 2500 properties in Norway.

“Google's acquisition shows that Norway is attractive to the digital economy, thanks to access to renewable energy, expertise and a focus on digital development. The agreement proves that our efforts to facilitate international data centre operators have been successful,” says Christian Rynning-Tønnesen.


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Knut Fjerdingstad
Media Relations