Hydrogen production and green steel in Mo Industrial Park

03 Jun, 2020

Statkraft, steel manufacturer CELSA and Mo industrial park in Northern Norway have signed an agreement with the intent to develop a complete value chain for green hydrogen for industrial use in high-temperature metal processes.

The ambition is to build an electrolysis facility, named the Hydrogen Hub Mo, to produce green hydrogen that can replace the fossil fuels currently used in CELSA’s production process.

The end product will be green steel, in the form of one of the world’s most low carbon reinforcement steel for use in construction works. The initial plan is to study a production unit that can produce 2 to 4 tonnes of hydrogen per day.

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The wider aim of the project is to position the Mo Industrial Park as a centre of expertise and a hub for hydrogen in Norway. The electrolysis facility will have the capacity to produce hydrogen for a range of companies and processes located in the industrial park.

The partnership also calls for a joint effort to develop projects than can drive demand for hydrogen in industrial applications and as a fuel as the market is growing.


Statkraft: VP Hydrogen Ulf Eriksen, tel: + 47 975 60 305
CELSA: Susanne M. Nævermo-Sand, tel + 47 476 39 884
Mo Industrial park: Market director Jan I. Gabor, tel: +47 907 46 046

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