Statkraft signs 10-year PPA with Kemira

03 Mar, 2020

Statkraft and Kemira have entered into a long-term power purchase agreement securing an annual delivery of almost 44 GWh for the company’s production facilities in Finland. The power will be delivered from Statkraft’s portfolio in the Nordics.

The agreement includes Guarantees of Origin sourced from Statkraft's wind power production at Fosen. Photo: Fosen Vind

In addition, the agreement also includes Guarantees of Origin sourced from Statkraft’s wind power production at Fosen covering the total volume. The agreement is the first of its kind for Statkraft in the Nordics, where the customer buys both power and GoOs.

“We believe this is only the beginning for such combined products in the Nordics, where industrial customers increasingly want to document their power consumption as renewable by means of Guarantees of Origin. The agreement confirms Statkraft's ability to deliver innovative solutions tailored to customer needs,” says Statkraft's Executive Vice President for Marketing Operations, Hallvard Granheim.

“This renewables deal is an important first step in our plan to achieve our 2030 emissions reduction target. This is a win-win for Kemira – we have secured competitively priced energy for our operations and are moving our company towards carbon neutrality,” says Petri Castrén, CFO of Kemira.