Statkraft announces three new solar energy farms in the UK

22 Mar, 2021

Statkraft, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, has announced the development of three new solar farms in the UK – two in Cornwall and one in Suffolk.

Land is being evaluated near to White Cross and Treviscoe in Cornwall for the development of the two new farms in Cornwall – White Cross solar energy farm and Treviscoe solar energy farm. The third, Greybarn solar energy farm, is located on land south of Tye Lane, near Bramford sub-station in Mid-Suffolk.

Combined, the solar energy farms could provide 125.5MWp of solar capacity, generate nearly 127 gigawatt hours of electricity per year and power nearly 36,000 homes – a significant contribution to regional and national renewable energy targets.

Statkraft also propose to install an 18MW battery for each of the two Cornwall-based projects and a 55MW battery for the Suffolk-based Greybarn solar farm. The batteries can store the electricity from the solar panels as well as be used to provide support services to the National Grid.

Subject to planning approval, all three solar energy farms have the potential to create local jobs and supply contracts during the construction, operation, and maintenance phase of the build, and make a significant contribution to local business rates. In addition, Statkraft solar farms include many features to enhance local plant, animal, and insect populations, including new or restored hedgerows, wildflower planting, bird and bat boxes and habitat for bumblebees, making this a great opportunity for local wildlife. 

Chris Banks, UK Business Development Manager says: “We are excited about the economic and environmental benefits that White Cross, Treviscoe and Greybarn solar energy farms could bring to their local communities, while supporting both Cornwall and Suffolk’s carbon reduction targets as well as the national effort to tackle climate change”.