TrønderEnergi and Stadtwerke Munchen buy Statkraft’ s stake in Roan wind farm

06 Mar, 2021

Statkraft's strategy in Norway is to have an industrial role with both ownership and operation of its assets.

The operation of the Roan wind farm was transferred to TrønderEnergi in February 2021. For that reason, Statkraft now chooses to sell its ownership interest in the Roan wind farm.

Statkraft's ownership interest and role as operator of the five wind farms in Fosen Vind are not affected by this sale. Fosen Vind DA has a total of 206 turbines with an installed capacity of 801 MW. The original ownership structure still stands, where Statkraft has 52.1%, Nordic Wind Power 40% and TrønderEnergi 7.9%.