Solar panels and sky
Rundedal solar energy park in The Netherlands
Photo: Ole Martin Wold

Leading the shift to renewable energy

We exist to lead the shift to a renewable energy. Join us

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Wind turbine against sky
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We’re all in

We’ve been making clean energy possible for over a century and invest 100 per cent of our growth entirely in renewables.

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19 Mar, 2020 21:13

Statkraft and the COVID-19 outbreak

Statkraft is closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 outbreak and is taking continuous measures in line with the advice of national health authorities.

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Electrification: Statkraft expands its focus on electric car charging

Statkraft has been in the electric car charging market since 2012 as owner in the charging station company Grønn Kontakt. Statkraft now wants to expand its investment significantly in Northern Europe....

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Hydropower: Flood control as civil protection

Climate change leads to more extreme weather with large amounts of precipitation over a short period. The reservoirs of hydroelectric power plants have proven vital in limiting flood damage.

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PPA: Enables renewable energy growth

A power purchase agreement is a contract between a producer (seller) and a consumer (buyer) of energy. In recent years it has developed into a win-win solution for maintaining and building renewable e...

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Forest reflected in lake
Photo: Damian Heinisch

A sustainable future

Our ambition is to contribute to a more sustainable future by bringing renewable energy to industries, businesses, communities, and homes around the world.

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Two employees inspecting technical equipment
Ringedalen power plant
Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen

Statkraft in the world

We develop and operate renewable energy assets across Europe, South America and Asia. Explore our activities below.

Black and white image of man looking out over a fjord
Glomfjord, Norway
Photo: Statkraft

A pipeline inspection from Glomfjord in 1918 before HSSE was a focus.

125 years of renewable energy

Statkraft has been making clean energy possible for over a century. It began with hydropower in Norway, and expanded globally to harness a diverse and flexible supply of water, sun and wind.

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