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Hyperconscious data centers

Hyperscale investors benefit from Statkraft's rich heritage, long term stability and unparalleled expertise as the renewables power house of Europe.

Host Norway reduces investor risk with shovel-ready data center sites and projects. We benefit from being part of Statkraft - Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, and a long-time facilitator for the power intensive industry.

Norway has the lowest wholesale electricity price and energy tax rates in Europe. Our reliable, high voltage grid eliminates the need for data center back-up generators, reducing operating costs significantly. Furthermore, approximately 97% of Norway’s electrical production is renewable, reducing the global emissions footprint for investors.

Host Norway projects all major infrastructures, i.e. access to redundant high voltage power grid, redundant dark fibre access, roads, water and sewage. The Norwegian society is among the safest and most stable in Europe, with very limited economic and political risk, ensuring low risk for investors. 

The world’s fastest growing power intensive industry

Host Norway is a business unit of Statkraft and uniquely positioned to facilitate hyperscale data center sites. We offer access to all necessary services in Norway, the world's most well-functioning power market.

Energy solutions

Statkraft has a strong and long lasting relationship with the power-intensive industry in Norway. As the main supplier to many of the largest energy consumers in Norway, we currently deliver approximately 18 TWh of power annually under long term contracts.

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The Host Norway team work to identify and develop hyperscale data center sites in Norway. Feel free to contact a member for more information.

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