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Fully optimised greenfield sites from Europe’s largest renewable energy producer.

man1.jpgHost Norway works to attract large industrial establishments to Norway. We develop shovel-ready sites reducing risk for investors. With over 125 years of experience as a facilitating partner for the power intensive industry, we make use of Norway’s increasing surplus of renewable power, ensuring a competitive total cost of ownership.

Host Norway is Europe's largest renewable power producer, with vast experience in large hydro, wind and solar power projects, as well as energy trading activities. We have operations in 20 countries around the world and continuously look for investment opportunities in innovative new projects and initiatives. As an example, we are currently developing Europe's largest onshore windfarm, the Fosen project located in Norway.

Our rich heritage - together with our overview of the global energy market - makes us a trusted and highly competent partner for your y requirements. Benefits include:

Cut costs and reduce carbon footprint

Norway has the lowest wholesale electricity price and energy tax rates in Europe. Our reliable high voltage grid makes green industries without back-up generators possible, reducing cost significantly. Furthermore, all (~97%) of Norway’s electrical production is renewable, reducing your global emissions footprint.

Secure long-term investment

Host Norway projects all necessary infrastructure for the sites. Access to redundant high voltage power grid, redundant dark fibre access, roads, water and sewage. The Norwegian society is among the safest and soundest in Europe, with very limited economic and political risk.

Reduce time to market

Our projects are currently undergoing proper zoning and other relevant application processes, meaning a secure and competitive time to market for investors.

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Shovel-ready data center sites reduces time and minimizes risk for investors

Greenfield sites