Energy solutions and connectivity

Host Norway has a strong and long-lasting relationship with the power-intensive industry in Norway. As the main supplier to many of the largest energy consumers in Norway, we currently deliver approximately 20 TWh of power annually under long term contracts.

Long term contracts

Host Norway offers customizable energy solutions based on the needs and hedging strategies of our customers, and can deliver large quantities of physical power across Norway.   

Market access and energy services

Statkraft is one of the leading power trading companies in Europe. In the Nordic power market, we offer a variety of products and services. Nord Pool is acknowledged as the leading provider of physical power supply markets in Europe, and Statkraft offers easy access to all kinds of physical power trading.

NasdaqOMX organizes the Nordic financial market, and Statkraft offers easy access to all of its products, enabling state of the art hedging possibilities up to ten years into the future. In addition, Statkraft offers a long variety of non-standard products to tailor-made your risk and hedging strategies.


Norway offers Exceptional connectivity

A  data center in South-Eastern Norway will reach nearly 300 million Europeans in 20 milliseconds. From South-Eastern Norway, competitive redundancy packages can be obtained from several leading, international carriers.

All Host Norway sites can deliver multiple dark fibre solutions from site to London (westward over the North-Sea), Amsterdam (southward through Denmark), Frankfurt (South-eastward over Gothenburg and Copenhagen), and Stockholm (eastwards).

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Shovel-ready data center sites reduces time and minimizes risk for investors

Greenfield sites