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HRH Crown prince Haakon of Norway visit to California

The two days virtual visit of HRH Crown prince Haakon of Norway to California, was not only a successful event to discuss the large potential for cooperation on sustainable economic growth, climate change and renewable energy, caused by the pandemic it was also the litmus test for how technology can facilitate interaction between people as if they were physically right next to each other.


There are several areas where Norway and California can cooperate, but foremost learn from each other moving forward. California has been the home and incubator for technological development as well as remarkable schools and universities. By nurturing its ecosystem consisting of educational institutions, governmental entities and the private sector, also Norway will ensure a flow of knowledge to drive innovation.

Norway is the world leading when it comes to transport electrification, which is in line with California’s ambition to make sure all vehicles bought in the state by 2035 are emission free. Also, Norway has a large history of producing and using renewable energy, as well as implementing incentives to promote sustainable development. More than 97% of the power produced in Norway does already come from  renewable sources. Statkraft is Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy from its many hydropower stations, as well as their new developments in wind, solar and bioenergy. This results in Norway having among the lowest and most stable electricity prices in the world, which helps explain the increased interest of foreign industrial companies looking to relocate in Norway.

For more information, watch the part on Statkraft from the virtual visit