Deepdive into Norwegian low-impact hydropower

Two interesting articles conclude and emphasize our message; Hydropower is the solution to sustainable new business in Norway

An interesting piece was published in the Explorer this week. The well-known and credited, Hanne Lerche Raadal and Atle Harby are interviewed confirming our message through years.  

Read the article here 

NORSUS results show that Norwegian hydropower plants have an average carbon footprint of 3.3 grams of CO₂-equivalents per kWh, very near average values of wind and solar. 

In addition, there is a whitepaper from AES out: “Water Works - The case for hydropower”

Hydropower is the solution to sustainable new business. AES gives credit to Norway as a renewable hydropower country which emphasizes our value proposition for establishing data centres and other power intensive industry in Norway.

AES concludes “Hydropower is a proven, responsible choice that can make a significant contribution. Water works.”

Link to "Water works"